About Nessa


That’s when we started researching natural, homeopathic approaches and encountered the healing remedies and benefits of CBD (cannabinoids). Because CBD is non psychoactive and contains healing remedies we began researching and developing various forms of the product for Nessa. We could see immediately that after a few weeks she was moving around better, getting up easily, so we knew we were onto something, something good! As the months past Nessa became stronger and healthier and to our amazement has shown very little signs of her hip dysplasia illness without being on any meds.

During the course of the next 3 years we have kept developing more products for Nessa as she grew older to sustain her different life stages and body requirements.  During the course of us caring for her with the Barkables CBD products, her eye panus (an abnormal vascular thickening of the cornea) completely disappeared as well. Every day for the past 3 years she was given drops in her eyes twice a day to prevent her from going blind. Eye panus is similar to a white cloud that covers the cornea of the eye and without the medicated eye drops would eventually make her go blind.  

One day she ran out of her drops (which cost about $100 every month), and while we were waiting for the refill to come in (freaking out at the same time that the panus would cloud her eyes in the next few day) we realized that the white cloud wasn’t appearing. Usually if we forgot to give her drops even for a day that white cloud would appear so we new we didn’t have much time to get the drops back in her eyes.

Well guess what? The white cloud on her eyes never returned! Because she has been on her Barkables treats every day it has helped the panus on her eyes and for the past 6 months she hasn’t needed any drops. We have monitored her daily and she shows no signs of her panus while on her Barkables treats.

Friends and family who knew what Nessa had been through and seeing her as a completely new dog began asking us for the same treats and products we were giving Nessa for their own pets. How could we say no? We started giving them away and before you knew it, we couldn’t keep up with the demand for The Barkables Box.

If Barkables was able to help so many animals have a better quality of life why not share it with every dog owner out there!

…And that’s when The Barkables Box was born. From pain management to separation anxiety, loss of appetite, energy, hip and joint ailment, health longevity and more, we’ve seen it all with the help of The Barkables Box.

Every monthly Barkables Box gets delivered straight to your door (shipping is always free to anywhere in the United States) and caters to different life-stages of your dogs life, while providing the healing benefits of enriched CBD products and vitamins in every box. Plus, a surprise toy is included for our furry friends every month so they too can’t wait for their box to arrive.

The Barkables Box is truly the secret to a healthier pet and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. We’re so confident that you’ll see the Barkables difference that if you don’t, simply send back the unused portion for a full refund – no questions asked.

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